Chicago Huddle

Video Design and Production

The Chicago Bears, more than any other sports team, bring the city together. And hardcore supporters can never obtain enough information about the team and its players. The Chicago Huddle is a long-running pregame show on television that features special insight and commentary from former and current players each week.
Fan contests and in-depth interviews are interwoven with one-on-one Q&A sessions in front of a live audience.

As the director of the Chicago Huddle (teaming up with Executive Producer Lammi Sports and Producers/Writers Dave Lockhart and April Rose), my role is create an engaging experience that stands out among NBC Sports programming by effortlessly combining fresh, eye-catching graphics with live action and pre-recorded portions. Working with this amazing team of producers, hosts, editors, players and fans, the Chicago Huddle grows in popularity and has become a fan favorite during the NFL season.

The Chicago Huddle was filmed in front of a live audience and enjoyed support from NBC Sports viewers, fans, and players. It ran Sunday mornings each week during the NFL season.


  • Location Shooting
  • Green Screen Shooting
  • Video Design and Development
  • Motion Graphics
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