OTIS Elevators

Website Development

Freeman/Helios was tasked with creating an gated website for OTIS elevators for a virtual announcement event. I worked with an amazing team of designers, 3D and video asset developers, web developers and account service for this project. Our team was asked to bring the design to life in a WordPress website. The site would be presented in 13 languages for different parts of the world.

Freeman/Helios came up with the idea to present a virtual elevator space, with the visitor traveling down a path and entering an elevator. The elevator buttons would act as navigation to the different floors with information.

While it looks straightforward, there were many complicated layers to the site: Presenting the site pages in many languages, having the site gated, pulling in user login content using an API, advanced site tracking, smooth page transitions, different skylines per region and auto-play videos with sound as well as closed captions for the videos. Our team was supported by a knowledgeable team on developers at Freeman/Helios in order to streamline some of the more complicated processes.

It was a really ambitious project that had it’s challenges, as well as a shortened timeline. In the end, the project came out fantastic.


  • Website Development
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