University of Chicago Medicine Kovler Diabetes Center

Branding, Web, Print, App Development

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be overwhelming for someone. The mission of the University of Chicago Medicine Kovler Diabetes Center is to help alleviate fear and confusion through education, clinical care, community connections, and research.

Focusing on education, we created a website and online tools that patients and their families could use to learn more about diabetes. Then, we developed a comprehensive campaign that pushed the message out via email, social media and printed materials. Additional content directed readers to the research section of the website to strengthen data collection. We also promoted the Kovler Diabetes Center’s annual Monogenic Diabetes Conference through a separate app, direct mail and marketing efforts.

The Monogenic Diabetes Conference was promoted internationally and brought together families, caregivers and scientists from all over the world to learn about advancements in diabetes care.


  • Branding
  • Web Design and Development
  • Print Design
  • App Development
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