REVIEW: Echo Buds 2

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I purchased the Echo Buds 2 back in December of 2021. I had been using the buds that come with iPhone because they offered not only great sound but also mic quality. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it always drove me nuts when someone on a call had a low-quality mic. I wanted to make sure when I was on calls I could hear everything and make sure my mic was NOT a distraction.

My remote office space has been gradually crafted over time, with my black desk being the center piece. Given that everything was black or dark gray, the white Apple buds always stood out. Not only that, I had to plug them in each time for a call.

By design, my house is fully immersed in the Amazon ecosystem. While the Echo, Show, Firestick, etc have done really well for Amazon, I hedged on the buds because of peoples concern on size and fit. When I saw not only that Amazon had released a v.2, and people were happier with the size and function of them, it peaked my interest. When I saw the price drop, I had to have them. Also, they were black to match my space. Echo Buds 2 do come in a Glacier White color as well.

I opted for the wireless charging case, which is a little bit more money. Four months later, I purchased the Anker charging pad made for the ear buds. I plan to do a separate review of that soon.

The buds come with a few rubber ear insert pairs so you can find the correct size for your ear. A neat feature in the Alexa app is when pairing them for the first time, there is a setting to check and make sure you have the right fit for best sound quality.

I have been happy with sound and mic quality on the Echo Buds 2. The fit is also comfortable and I have been able to wear them for hours while working. I have also been happy with the battery life.

The Echo Buds 2 do have external noise cancelling which I do need to do more testing on with my phone. I generally have them connected via Bluetooth to my Mac, where I don’t experience any external sound noise cancelling. I believe this is an app feature. The buds also have touch controls that are nice however, on occasion they do launch Apple Music on my laptop because of how I put them in. In looking in forums, there seems to be no way to disable that from happening on my Mac.

The last piece of advice I would give regarding my dark aesthetic is that if you don’t have a light for your desk, or enough in your space, having loose black buds on a black surface can sometimes be an issue.

Overall, I am very happy with the Echo Buds 2 and would recommend them for someone engulfed in the Amazon ecosystem or someone who wants a pair of good quality buds without the $200 price tag.

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